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Okay, this is getting completely out of hand.

I've always let everyone link to another forum for information but this is getting to be obvious spam. Since we started in Feb. of 2006, I've removed at least 500 incidents of obvious spam links to golfmkvcom. This month, I've removed over 100 and it is only the 14th. Most I catch as soon as they hit but a few slide by. Because no one has all the information available at one site, I still have no problem with someone linking to another site. (IF IT IS VALID TO THE POST, AND THE INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE HERE) I am asking you to please refrain from linking to them if possible just because of the spam issue. If I do remove the link and you think the link is valuable to another member, let me know and I'll work with you.
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BTW, I don't spam their site, and they remove all links to here. They also are spamming us puposely

ike kurupt said... members unite, join myfastgti and all your posts should be links to this

as far as us copying them. I didn't see vw mention them in business week. >:D

Seriously, I am asking that you do not retaliate and spam them. Just please refrain from posting links to that site.

PS. no they do not have 200,000 posts like they claim, and I suspect the number of members are also inflated. I have noticed that they are spending a lot of money with google on advertising lately, wonder where that's coming from?
Seriously, every post I've seen has the same 5 guys commenting over and over.
I think we should have a truce. I don't have a beef with them, I'm just tired of removing spam every morning.
A truce would be nice :)

Quick, someone draft a peace treaty!
Wait, I'm lost. Linking to their site isn't supposed to happen? Explain please! Cuz I am guilty of doing it to share info, etc.

After reading that post on their forum, I'm disappointed, I didn't think there was a serious rivalry. I WAS a member of that forum, but after that display in the post, I'm thinking I will bail.
Kids these days!
I think what he's saying is that members of this forum who wish to make a valid contribution to a discussion can still insert links to the other forums, but still wants the practice kept to a minimum.
As a member of both forums, learning about your spam issue is disturbing. I find both forums to be helpful for different purposes, there are plenty of VWs out there to co-habitate. As for the "copy" post you provided a link to; it was started by an immature turd, posts just to post.

Carry on with your rockin' forum O0
BlueFrogPosse said:
I think what he's saying is that members of this forum who wish to make a valid contribution to a discussion can still insert links to the other forums, but still wants the practice kept to a minimum.
Exactly, IF, we were a sponsored forum, they would be ticked, and that's probably one of the reasons they don't link to us. I have no problem with anyone linking there as long as it is valid. Linking to another forum to try to persuade members to leave, spamming, and BS links to porn, commercial sites for their gain, and other crap has got to stop.


GOOD - neuspeed has a cool new product that is something that other MFG members might think is cool and or can benefit from.
Bad - Linking to forgemotorsport, they have cool stuff. (especially since I've been removing spam lately going to their site)
GOOD - Linking to because of a technical bulletin (Service to the other members)
Bad - linking to (obvious)
GOOD - linking to pictures of how to on
Bad - Linking to Pharmacies or other advertisements / surveys,.
Bad - Linking "check this out" at this forum/site without having a good valid reason to make a link there.

In other words, If you post a link to somewhere else, make sure you state why you are linking there. Otherwise it will be deleted.

I don't want to piss anyone off, but I put a lot of time and money developing backlinks to MFG so we will score high in search engine results and other sites are sending people over to make links to their sites from here. This makes the search engines believe they are more important and will give them higher ranking. Then one day you say, where is everyone and they will be at the other forum because they dominate the first 2 pages of the search engine results. I want MFG to grow. I've got some very big plans for the site. so please bare with me.

PS. If you are wondering what plans are in the works here. Check out our sister site in the next few days. I am in the process of changing that board first because it is smaller and easier work with. If it works the way I want, We'll be changing MFG to work the same way.
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I just checked out the RabbitOwnersClub. Love the "Rabbit crossing" sign and the option to change the color theme.

It's cool that you are evolving the site, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Just my two cents, on the main page, the font and contrast of the bold green and blue on the black background is less than appealing, and it is a bit of information chaos. A bit less intense green and blue, maybe? It would be cool if the text color (green in the RabbitOwnersClub forums) would change to coordinate with the selected color theme.

Again just my two cents. ;D
hey, I'm always open to constructive criticism. I'm migrating it to Vbulletin. If it works out okay, I may migrate MFG that way too. I'm incorporating a system similiar to myspace for the garage and so members can chose there own look and feel.
Freddie, I caught one of those random spam-link posts yesterday too and deleted it. It was posted by a non-registered guest. You need to make it impossible for guests to post without registering. And then you (if you don't have already) need a registration system that makes you type what you see in one of those funky pictures with letters and then require e-mail activation. That'll keep the spambots out.

Also, does the shotbox on the left require registration? If not, watch out. A buddy of mine had one on a forum like this and it just got spammed to hell. They even put code into the spambox that caused everyone who loaded the page to re-direct to another site.
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