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Personal Tales of Shock and Awe

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I've heard a few people talking about either smoking or getting smoked by the competition. I thought a thread in which people could post their antics might provide some entertainment in all of our otherwise mundane lives.

As I exited the off-ramp from the highway on my way home from work, I noticed a red Jetta GLI was in front of me by about 50 feet. We make the left turn and meander through a few lights before I can get next to him at a light. I had a moment of clarity and decided this commute was a golden opportunity to test the difference between driving in "D" with no paddle shifting and "S" with paddle shifting.

D - We were about even off the line, but he started pulling away in what looked like 3rd gear. We're weaving between cars with the GLI about 5 ft in front of me before I start to overtake him. At the light it was me by about 30 feet. Max speed was about 90. I look over and we do the "what's up" chin-nod for another go.

S - Not even worth a discussion. Smoked that ass. For those of you lurking, wondering about the smoothness of the shifts, take it from me, the quarter second between engaging and disengaging the clutch took its toll on the guy. Max speed was a little over 100. Up until tonight, I've really only appreciated the handling. Now I got a taste of the speed and tranny performance. Incredible.

For those of you who are from Texas and know Dallas, Garland Road around White Rock lake provides some nice runs.
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We have these country roads outside of the city called "Range Roads". My last speeding ticket was on one, but other than that I haven't seen a cop on one of these roads in all my life. They are perfectly straight, running north/south (some for many miles, if there isn't a lake in the way). Often times no stop signs either, it's the Township Roads that intersect them that usually have the Stops. For the most part they're well paved, but no lines on the road. Wide enough for two cars to run side by side and mostly flat enough that you can see a mile or more ahead of you for oncoming traffic. They're awesome for racing, back in high school we did it all the time. I had my old old Jetta (MkII, two cars ago) up to 120mph once. Going down a hill of course. Keep in mind it's not a wide open highway. I have yet to really test my GTI on these roads as I'm really scared of cops after my last ticket on one of those roads. Plus, unlike on a highway, doing such speeds on these roads is actually kinda dangerous due to wildlife and possible people/kids/cows walking along the road.
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