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Due to the nature of winters around here in Ontario, I really couldnt afford to keep my ContiContact Pros on. So after some research I narrowed down my options for winter tires to just two candidates: Toyo KX and Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3.
When comparing online reviews of the two tires i quickly noticed that Michelin's get better ratings and review. However i also noticed that all the reviews giving insane credit to Alpin's seem to be very generic in content and that got me thinking: who wrote those? :)
So i went with Toyo KXs on 16' wheels.
The last couple of weeks we had a tonn of snow/ice/slush everywhere in the city. Toyo's performed extremely well even in deep snow mixed with slush. Coupled with GTi's impressive stability control it honestly feels like its still summer out there. There is minimal wiggle (bigger tire walls would account for this) in the tires and the grip.... everyone else slows down for corners and i just motor past them :) There is a noticable increase in tire noise though... but nothing that i cant fix by turning the stereo up.
Anyway, if any of you are looking for performance winter tires, I recommend these.
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