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Perfect place for FAST while driving

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I stumbled upon this today, as my girlfriend was wondering why she had to sit in the back, while my FAST got shotgun. She suggested the following: Right between the "Oh Shit" handles by the shifter, my FAST perfectly wedges in the change holder/ashtray. Have him face you and wedge him in there with the lid to the ashtray open. Its perfect. He just sits there and says, "Well DOWNSHIFT ALREADY!" Its the ideal spot.. ESP is still accessible.. doesn't interphere with shifting, etc. Try it out.

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But from that vantage point he can't see out the windows.
Bcruzin said:
Yes but, whenever I put him on my dashboard, the cornering G's practically send him thru said window.
I know what you mean, I used to keep him on the dash but I had enough of him humping my radar detector, so I retired him to a shelf in my bedroom.
If you bought a GTI you will automatically get a Fast mailed to you wthin 6-8 weeks. You will also receive VW club magazines, I've found.
Well, then you might wanna call your dealer and enquire about it.
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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