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Oil discusion, What is everyone running??

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So i changed my oil @ 3200 miles cause i am anal about it, When i did the first change i contacted the dealer and asked what they were using. They said they were putting Mobil 1 0w40 in the new 2.0t, i figured since it was VW502.00 certified that it was a good choice, plus thin for fast delivery. I noticed A large amount of consumption in the next 3000 miles. Almost a quart was added to keep it up to full on the end. I was checking for leaking from the filter and the plug nearly everyday, so i know i wasn't driping. The dealership said that extra consumption is normal due to break in. but at this point i was 3000 mile outta the break in period. I just put in amsoil 5w30 full syn. I was just wondering if anyone else has anything to add that might give me an idea what would be a good idea for oil
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I'll let you know once I come due for service. I'm planning on using Mobil One 0-40w.

I would agree that it is probably due to engine break in. Some engines just eat it up more than others. I had a 2004 Porsche 996 that used the same oil and it would still consume oil well out of the break in period.
Gottagti said:
plan to send a sample of my old oil to Blackstone Oil labs.
Post the findings of the oil sample please! ;D
Ooops....I forgot to add when you get them in. :-X

Just curious what they find in there and how VW oil holds up.
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