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Oil discusion, What is everyone running??

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So i changed my oil @ 3200 miles cause i am anal about it, When i did the first change i contacted the dealer and asked what they were using. They said they were putting Mobil 1 0w40 in the new 2.0t, i figured since it was VW502.00 certified that it was a good choice, plus thin for fast delivery. I noticed A large amount of consumption in the next 3000 miles. Almost a quart was added to keep it up to full on the end. I was checking for leaking from the filter and the plug nearly everyday, so i know i wasn't driping. The dealership said that extra consumption is normal due to break in. but at this point i was 3000 mile outta the break in period. I just put in amsoil 5w30 full syn. I was just wondering if anyone else has anything to add that might give me an idea what would be a good idea for oil
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I'm still using "stock" oil. Just about to pass the 5000km mark (8000 is recommended service), so that'll probably be in the fall and I'll probably put in which ever oil doesn't freeze at -20
alexjhill said:
i'm using 5w 40 here in UK .. since i got the Revo chip i've decided changing my oil 6,000 miles at a pot ; so i'm about due for my second change.... not really noticed it going down too much tho i did check and added 2 litres hapily last weekend to tide her over till a full oil change is done.

ps.. i had my !st service at 19,000 miles - my dial now reads 24,000... she's not even run in yet ;)
You're already at 24,000 miles in your GTI!!!!!?
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