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kryptonkid07 said:
Wow... You learned to drive in this car? First car.. learned to drive in it... first stick... and first turbo. Although I don't care too much for my first car (2003 Lancer OZ Rally... 120 HP w/ no turbo), I'm glad I had it. I drove that ridiculously small car for 3 years. I learned to drive in a stick shift cavalier before that. I dunno... GTI seems like too good of a car to be learning to drive in or learn stick in. It's like that Volvo commercial, why would you teach your daughter to drive in such a nice car? Anyway.. I glad I had my car... It gave me enough experience to be able to handle such a car ;). Oh well... Lucky kid with his first car being a GTI. Good job kid. Especially on the "noobie" part. hahaha ;D
haha. my girl's first stick car was an '04 r32. i had to drive it off the lot for her when she bought it and give her an afternoon crash course in driving stick cause she had to drive it to work and school the next morning.

she did just fine....and i have the spare key...
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