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gti_lover said:
ok well this is my first stick and a turbo car, and i had some questions about the clutch. i also learned how to drive on this car and its been through a lot since i got it (stalling, gear grinding, and all that horrible stuff). i feel like my clutch is becoming loose in a way, it just doesnt feel like it used to when i first got it. what should i do? if i have to replace the clutch will it be expensive? Thnkx before-hand for all the tips and advice.
Wow... You learned to drive in this car? First car.. learned to drive in it... first stick... and first turbo. Although I don't care too much for my first car (2003 Lancer OZ Rally... 120 HP w/ no turbo), I'm glad I had it. I drove that ridiculously small car for 3 years. I learned to drive in a stick shift cavalier before that. I dunno... GTI seems like too good of a car to be learning to drive in or learn stick in. It's like that Volvo commercial, why would you teach your daughter to drive in such a nice car? Anyway.. I glad I had my car... It gave me enough experience to be able to handle such a car ;). Oh well... Lucky kid with his first car being a GTI. Good job kid. Especially on the "noobie" part. hahaha ;D
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