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nissan has some reliable cars

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Nissan Motor Co. halted North American sales of some 2006 Altima sedans and Sentra small cars while the company investigates complaints they are using too much oil.

The announcement affects about 100,000 Altimas and four-door Sentra SE-R compacts with four-cylinder engines in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Nissan's U.S. unit said Friday. The condition, if not fixed, could cause engine damage or ignite a fire, the company said.

Nissan said it has received 215 reports of the vehicles' engines burning through their oil quickly, mostly from rental car fleets, and 17 engine fires.

Nissan said it had told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about its action and was contacting owners on ways of monitoring their sedan's oil consumption.

The automaker said it would extend the warranty covering the engine portion of the powertrain coverage to 84 months or 100,000 miles.
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well anyone dumb enough to buy a sentra se-r deserves to have the car blow up on them. however, nissan does make good cars. i happen to love the maximas and the sentra se-r is friggin badass. also, my parents own a new pathfinder, and i have to say, for an suv, that thing can go.
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