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-You absolutely SHOULD upgrade the downpipe before the catback. The stock one sucks. You don't HAVE to, but you're not going to see any performance from just a catback.

-Stock rev limiter is 6700 I believe, chipped is 6900 (at least for my tune.) If you want to get it chipped, check out APR, Unitronic, GIAC, Revo, Gonzo Tuning, etc. web page, and find a dealer close to you that can perform the tune. Alternatively, you can ship your ECU to whatever company you like best, and they'll chip it and send it back.

-Can't help you with that one, I'm still stock height unfortunately. Any decent set of coilovers will get you low without compromising your safety, if you don't intentionally alter the components to get lower (I.E. cut springs, removing bump stops, etc.)

-Perfoemance wise, you could get an actual cold air intake. Maybe a hundred or so bucks off eBay, more if you go with a reputable company like APR. You could also get polyurethane bushings for your various suspension parts and motor mounts for better handling, but they will make your ride rougher by a noticeable amount.

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