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New Member of the MkV Family

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Hi guys, just saying hello as your newest member of the MkV line up.

I recently bought my Reflex Silver Package 1 DSG GTI, 2 weeks ago to be precise. I love the car, and every morning before work I look at it and go "I can't believe its mine." As a criminal defense paralegal it's hard to take some time for your personal self, but this car shined a new light in my life ^^.

I need to take it back to the dealer sometime in the future for an insulator install (my car currently rattles when idle, read up on it and told the dealer to get its act together...). But other than that I am proud to be a VDub owner.

If you guys had any specific problems with your ride or comment on anything that could be improved (like my rattling), or can tell me how to seriously limit my urge to break traffic and vehicle codes (and I didn't even get my Fast yet -_-;;) please feel free to leave a post.

Thanks guys!
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I fixed the thing with the stereo, where it gets loud and quiet depending on speed, but I still have a problem with the radio (non-satellite peasant radio), but I think it's the antenna. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem: the sound changes profoundly, depending on elevation/direction/etc. I'm listening to it one moment, it sounds fine, the next it sounds like I'm listening to radio under water.

Another problem I'm having is that from time to time I get a "dip light bulb failure" message on my dash and one of the HIDs doesn't work. It comes and goes though and only happens around once a week for a brief period, I think it's a faulty connection or something. Gonna have it looked at the next time I have it in the shop.
Today I was driving and I passed under a bridge and the radio become "under-watery". But unlike AM radio, which does that all the time when you pass under a bridge, this time it stayed that way.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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