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Re: how to tell Polo GTI from golf GTI????

Euridice said:
Okay, I am glad this thread is on here. I´m currently on vacation in Croatia and taking an internet break, and here is my question. In Slovenia and Croatia I've seen tons of VWs, and a few MkV Golfs among them (whose body corresponds to our Rabbit and GTI, right?). Well, I´m walking down a steep hill from my hotel, in the rain, when I see the rear of a beautiful red MkV....and this time, it says GTI! No way to dig out my camera, but I'm gazing into it and at the front to check out the honeycomb grill, etc. One of the tour members sidles up to me and says it's a polo gti, they make two kinds of gtis in Europe and this one is smaller. Well, it looked the right size to me but with all the tiny hatchbacks everywhere I could be wrong. Anyway, coming to the point, I thought it really was a 2 dr GTI MkV, the one that looks like a Golf. These pictures on this thread look similar to the GTIs we have in the US but the taillights are different sp I?m assuming I saw a golf GTI?? What should I look out for if I see another tell out of context if it's golf or polo gti. :p

thanx! :)
OK- How to tell the difference:

The Polo GTI has halogen headlights that are shaped different and slats next to the fogs.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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