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Hi everyone! I?m very new in this forum and I?m really glad to see something like this site purely dedicated to
Volkswagen cars particularly the Golf GTI. Honestly I haven?t got one but I?m planning to buy one next year...
currently driving a honda prelude '92....I fell in love with this car (GTI) the moment I saw it!?
it even makes me day dreaming in the office seeing myself driving it! ;D
anyway my passion with this car started since I was young?my father use to
have a VW Brasilia and I really enjoy taking a hitch at the back seat?.the overall feel of the car was great!...
rock solid built as well!and so I told myself when I grew up I would buy that brand?.
and so this childhood dream has dawned and not for long now I will own ?one of the greatest cars man has ever built?!!.. >:D

Although I want to ask some opinions about the color?my pick was originally silver but I have second thoughts
now?I think candy white looks fantastic!...any advice anyone? Looking to have the DSG gearbox over the manual
as well?any comments on this?...really appreciate any opinion...well anyway I will post my car?s pix once I got my new keys?
i shall return...
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