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New GTI hits raccoon at 85mph...

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hey, at least it wasn't a deer...

but i need some input here...i checked out my car and haven't really inspected underneath, but i'm pretty sure it didn't do anything as i hit it with the front driver's side corner and ran over it. I need a new bumper, rubber splashgaurd underneath the bumper, new foglight molding, and a new cover for the headlight washer fluid (kinda cool to see what it actually looks like for once).

Now, since life threw me a curveball I gotta adjust accordingly...

Does anyone know of any cool aftermarket front bumpers that would look smooth, because I could just get the money from the insurance and I'm assuming most aftermarket bumpers would be a little less than the stock manufacturer's one. If I get one then I might paint the rubber side panels red also.
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thanks man, i kinda like this one, i'll talk to the insurance to see what's up...

anyone know where i could get some eyebrows for the headlights????????????????????????
MicMoor77 said:
dsgti said:
anyone know where i could get some eyebrows for the headlights
I'm gonna shave my pubes tonight. If you want I can mail them to you and you can glue them over your headlights. ^-^
dude, chill, i just joined
dont get a hissy fit now, it was just a stupid joke, thats all
bang bang skeet skeet *****...what's with it vanilla face...

God I loved that movie.
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