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New Fast and only city driving

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Okay guys, I bought my fast a little over 3 weeks ago. The first weekend I took it on a road trip over 300 miles away. Since then, I've only had a chance to drive it in town. It's driving me nuts. I only live about 4 miles from work. By the time I punch it, I'm already at work. Its a 35 zone the entire way and I'm finding it difficult to keep it under 45. I find myself at night staring at it, wanting to take it out for a spin. >:D
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blackgti06 said:
i have a nice 20min drive to work all highway gotta love it. >:D
i have freeway driving as well... but dammet, its all TRAFFIC! gheyz
blackgti06 said:
same here some of the time wait til late at night to open up the mkv on a open highway thats how i max out my stock mkv going 140mph (spedo) in 5th at 6100rpms and i hit the computer so it shows up on my dash and it read 138mph. So i think with the chip i can get to 170mph
lol. be careful though. ill tell oyu one thign right now. all that is logged on the onboard ECU.

we scanned one of our Local VW's guys.

there was a code that wasnt thrown and only to be seen by the vagcom that said.

"maximum speed exceeded, please void warranty. :)"

just like that. i BS you not and i swear it on my GTI. so before going to a dealership i always try and clear my codes with a vagcom.

boobus said:
Are you serious?!? It will tell service to void warranty...
yup. no bullshit.
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