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New 2007 5 Door GTI (UG) Package 1 Owner

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a month now. I bought my UG 5 Door at the beginning of September. I love it!

I learned how to drive stick with it (long story) and I'm still a little clumsy with it but I can definitely feel the horsepower.

I'm learning more about this car through my fiance who owns an Audi S4.

Glad to join you all!

5 Door Fast
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Thanks! I'm mostly used to it already!
We have future undetermined plans.

We're definitely going to change the rims and tires (I have the 18"). I have a minor visual mod that I'm going to do very soon but I want to keep it secret in case someone steals my idea :). I'll post pics soon after. I don't have a digital camera so it will be a little while.
Thanks! I'll probably lurk again until something catches my eye!
Well guys, it turns out that my idea is not an original idea :(. We're putting a rabbit badge on it. After some research, it seems like a common idea :'(. Ah well, I'll have to think of something truly original :).

What do you think about the placement of the rabbit?
But it will go along with my new plates "FST WBBT"
About the plates - I got some basic ones from the dealer but I'm changing them. In my southeastern state, custom plates are super easy to get and cheap. It only cost me $18.00 to switch them.

I wanted to get Fst VWbbt but there isn't enough room on the plates! Dagnabbit!
GTfly said:
that sucks. i am definitly gonna look into getting custom plates. who would i call to get them the DMV?
I checked your profile. You're from Florida? So here is where you can go to see if the plate wording that you want is available:

Here is some Florida personalized plate FAQ:
1 - 9 of 20 Posts
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