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What's up guys I've been getting this clanking/loud heavy clicking constantly over bumps especially uneven pavement. If the road I'm on is real ****ty it will clack constantly until on smooth pavement. It's coming from the bottom entire front. All the way from left to right. If I turn back and fourth I get 1 bang per turn which leads me to think sub frame but the amount of movement happening down there it would scare me if it was all sub frame. After installing new axles a few months ago it I immeadatly started hearing it from the right side then quickly spread to the left. Replaced all front control arm bushings, axles, strut mounts and bearings to no avail. Can I just put a tourque wrench on the sub frame bolts and give them some business and if it changes the noise I'll know it's the sub frame right? Possibly sway bar links damaged while working on the car? How do I test to be sure before I blindly dump even more money into this simple noise. Where should I start guys. My car sounds like its held together with zip ties.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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