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I have this problem with my GTI. My wipers don't work at all. The front ones don't wipe when the switch is moved up and down, and the back wiper doesn't wipe when the switch is pressed forward.
I thought my turn signal switch might have something to do with this because it's having problems too. The left turn signal works most of the times, sometimes I have to press it a certain way. The right one never works unless I hold it slightly down (without the switch going back to neutral) and press towards me, which sometimes only activates my brights for a moment. I recently bought a new turn signal switch, greased it up with dielectric grease, and installed it. That was about a week before the wiper problems started up.
Any idea what the problem might be? A friend checked all the fuses with a sensor and told me they were all good. Should I just buy a new wiper switch and hope that works?
Thanks for reading.
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