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I Love this thing........ ;D, I drove all the cars in it's class (or what I thought were in it's class :p) what a waste of time it was, I'm glad I drove it last.......what a ride!

Anyway I come from a long line of car hop'n....most recient were: Mazda6, 05 Subaru LegacyGT, 06 LGT Spec B (used to be a Mod on the LGT boards), Dodge Ram daytona...and now the GTI...

You can check out all my previous rides, dyno's, installs, parts, ect at my site: (not much up there for the Ram Daytona, but the legacies have a lot if you are bored ;) enough about where I came from.....zzzzzzzz

SO......since this is a picture thread, here's my new GTI picked up yesterday! Not that you all haven't seen a million of them...but........

You can see more at: (it will get the website style'n this weekend I hope

Mods to come in the month: Stereo and Tint....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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