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My tire got Slashed

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So I'm going to class last friday, and my screen is saying tire pressure low. So i go to put air in it, I can feel the air blowing back in my face, and sure enough there was a nice clean long cut in the side of my tire. My beautiful 18's. I just had my tire replaced yesterday. I have the 18" Continental SportContact 2. $192 plus $40 for installation. Was not a fun week driving around with the ghetto spare on it.
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At least they only slashed one tire. I woulda slashed em all. HAHAHA! >:D
haha. kevin is that you? haha... and the tire was only 192? i was told the stock tire on the 17's is 250 each!! :eek:
Yep it's me, I called a bunch of places, that was the cheapest. Some wanted 240, this VW place was pretty much in the boonies. But yea 417 north of Orlando is an awsome highway to drive fast on, it actually curves and no guard rails.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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