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My new MKV

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Hey guys! First post here. I just got the car a few weeks ago. I traded in my gas guzzling Jeep for the GTI.

I am loving the performance and the economy of this car. Plus I can fit 3 guitars my pedal board and two amps in the back with the folddown seat and the hatch. This is the perfect car for me.

Here she is, Black Magic, Package 1, DSG:

I have a few plans for it. To start I'm gonna get the AWE-Tuning boost gauge kit, their turbo back exhaust as well, later as more parts become availible I will do suspension and brakes with HRE wheels.
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Another welcome to the club. I haven't transported any of my music equipment in it yet, but I'm pretty sure it could double as a tour van, assuming you didn't need to take your band mates... ;D

I also went with Black, and I'm surprised how many people comment on the metalic sparkle. Many ask if I had to pay extra for it. No, it's just comes beautiful. :p

Also, I had to go package 2 so my girlfriend could be at 80 degrees while I'm at 65. Plus when you live out here in the cold, it's pretty nice to have your butt warmed up in the winter.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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