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my new gti and fast question

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i just bought an 06 silver gti with 6 speed and package 2. (traded in an 04 mazda rx8) i absolutely love the gti. one stupid question i have is
i read online that if you buy the new gti you will get a fast doll, is this true
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i got a UPS pickup tag on my door last night, but it doesnt say who it is from, although i am hoping it is from VW
I GOT MY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :)

it is a little smaller then i thought, but it is really cool looking. i bought my car 3/31 and got it 5/9, not too shabby
i haven't gotten mine yet so im going to the dealer to see whats going on.
I bought my GTI a month ago and my fast arrived in 3 weeks. I think VW guys are also reading the discussions here and making sure that their customers are kept in good humor O0.
Did any of you notice that the fast actually has a weird smell. Not many would like it. Wonder what made them think My Fast would smell that way :eek:
Anyway, as long as I have my FAST I am happy.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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