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mightytightywhitey said:
The way I'm getting boned by my dealer. I'm definitely not holding my breath on a doll. I negotiated a set of 18" rims for my car at purchase and it's been almost a month and still no rims. No word at all for 3 weeks, no idea what the status is, now suddenly they've "been on order the whole time" and nobody knew anything about it. So they're going to be here in 2 days, I'll believe it when I see it. God I hate other people.
Sorry to hear about the rims. Hope you got that in writing!

LUKE said:
Does anyone know??? If you leased the MKV, do they still ship out the figurine?
I would think you are eligible for a fast. But don't quote me cause I'm not giving mine up whenever it shows up.
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