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my new gti and fast question

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i just bought an 06 silver gti with 6 speed and package 2. (traded in an 04 mazda rx8) i absolutely love the gti. one stupid question i have is
i read online that if you buy the new gti you will get a fast doll, is this true
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i didnt hear anything. is this just a rumor or has anyone really recieved one...someone that doesnt work for vw i mean
i got a UPS pickup tag on my door last night, but it doesnt say who it is from, although i am hoping it is from VW
I GOT MY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :)

it is a little smaller then i thought, but it is really cool looking. i bought my car 3/31 and got it 5/9, not too shabby
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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