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hey, im a 16 y/o new GTI owner

and I had a completly built 1999 Mazda miata that I absolutly loved and adored, but I got the motorcycle bug, and sold it *hits myself on head* and got a Ducati, I love the ducati, but you cant drive it every day. So i was driving a 1983 mercedes 240d (0-60 in 29 sec) for my daily driver, and I was missing my zoom zoom, so I found a 1987 GTI 16v for $1300 that had 87000 original documented miles, bone stock. first of all, I LOVE the GTI, but i want some extra umph just for some fun.

I know that the 16v GTI engine I have is a highly buildable engine, but I have yet to find a website to really give me any options of what I can do to the engine and the car as a whole.

thanks for any refrences sites or any help replyed on this forum.

thanks again,
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