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My Fast is back from the shop.

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Well here it is. After 27 days of waiting for it is now back in my hands. It all started about 2000 miles into my fast when my ac compressor blew out. It was in the shop for 20 days. It came back working and with a chip on my driver side light. 2 days later the ac went out. Only this time there was no white smoke which came billowing out from the oil hitting my hot engine. Well finally 9 days later I get my Except this time there was a chip out of the corner of the passenger?s right fender near the tip off the light. Good times. I'm just glad I?m driving again.
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if i were you i would take the car back there until they fix everything they fucked up. thats BS if you take yer car to the dealer to fix a problem with the car and then they damage it while its there. i would probably go shoot up the dealership if they did something like that to me... with a water gun of course though.
Driving what, the loaner Jetta? I'm assuming you took it to the dealer. If so, that's a bush league service dep't.
Yeah, they sound really shitty. If you can, try going to a different dealership; you may get better service.
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