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Motor Week Road test of GTI on Speed Channel

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I just watched a road test of the 2006 GTI on the Speed Channel. The show is called Motorweek. I just happened to be on the channel and saw it announced as coming up next. I ran around the house looking for something to tape it with. Finally grabbed a VCR tape and threw it in. I missed taping the first minute or two though. Dang! But I got the rest taped though.
They gave it a very favorable review. It was kinda weird though because the car they test is a United Grey 5 speed, Package One with 17" wheels cloth seats, 5 speed trans and a sunroof. Thats EXACTLY my car. Hmmm ... my car had 478 miles on it when I bought it ... Hope the Motorweek guys didn't have it before me. lol.
They said the car ran a 15.1 quarter mile and a 6.5 sec. 0 to 60 MPH. They mentioned the car did have some front wheel 'shake' on very hard acceleration. I have seen others post here about that. But I have not experienced it. I think that may happen with the traction control off and you are really launching hard. They also mentioned some brake fade after repeated hard stops. But you have to realize they are driving the car HARD when they say that. Other than that they were all positive comments about the car. I checked Motorweeks web site and it didn't mention any time the show would be re ran. Did anyone else catch this episode of Motorweek?
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GTfly said:
5 speed?? i thought they only came with the DSG and 6 speeds. ??? ??? ???
Sorry! that was a typo. I hit the wrong button when posting and didn't catch it. Again its a SIX speed ... my bad. :eek:
Bboy AJ said:
Wait, the car's a 5 speed?

I didn't catch it, but I hope to. Post your video recording of it online!
I don't have the proper equipment to transfer it from the VCR to the computer. I wish i did as I would love to post it. Maybe someone can record it in a digital format like Tivo or similiar. That would make it easier to post the epidosde.
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