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Ok. So a week ago I traded my Audi TT for an 07 GTI. After a week of driving the GTI I can safely say I'm not really regretting it. I got to thinking about the GTI vs TT in another thread in another board where one guy said a "front wheel drive hatchback will never be a true sports car". I know several 180 HP Audi TT Coupe (hatchback really) owners that would take issue with that statement. The 180HP TT are generally FWD (you can get the coupe in Quattro, but not the Roadster). About a year ago I test drove a 2006 MK4 GTI (one of the leftovers) and it felt alot like the TT. The MKV seems to be an improvement over that as well. My personal experience with the 225HP TT and now the GTI I can say the GTI is "quicker", the TT seems a bit sluggish off the line. The dealer told me it was operating perfectly and I was feeling the turbo lag of the 1.8T.. fair enough. Other things I noticed is the leather seems to be of a higher quality in the Audi, but strangely enough, I think the MK4 had softer leather than the MKV. So, what do you all think? We can't really compare the GTI to the NEW TT yet. But I even wonder if the new 2.0T TT Coupe would be a fair comparison to a MKV GTI. Anyone know what platform the new TT uses?
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