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Hi, I'm new to this dope forum. I have several issues with my GTi.

So, First of all, my car does not sound healthy when I start it. I've taken it in to the dealer for this reason and they say it's normal, but everyone that hears my car start thinks there is something wrong with it.

Second, when I have the clutch engaged and the car starts I feel something move in there. Also when I go over speed bumps and I'm gently pressing the brakes, I can also feel something moving in the pedal. I took it in to the dealer for this issue and they also said nothing was wrong with the car.

Third, my clutch gets stuck half way! The engage and disengage points shift when this happens! I noticed that when I'm coming to a stop (pushing the brake and the rpms drop) the clutch pedal will stick. The clutch grabs fine, no slips or anything. It's really annoying, I have to pull the clutch back up with my toe. I took it in to the dealer for this reason, and they told me there was nothing wrong with the clutch.

I truly love VW and all it has to offer, but the service I have received from this dealer is horrible. I pay 100 dollars for them to test drive it around the block and tell me nothing is wrong. I bet they don't even pop the hood and poke around. It's so irritating.
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