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MKV Gti car cover?

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Is there a car cover out for the Gti Mkv im been looking for one so when i go on vacation i can have it covered and also for the winter time. Any body see or find any please let me know where you got it or found it. Thanks
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I had my car cover custom made for mine it beads of water soon as it hits the surface. cost ?265 thats about $400 looks great and while my cars parked up in garage all week its dust free. the cover is all weather breathabvle can be left on outside + inside rain sleet snow...

if i remember i'll take down the name of the company (as i've forgotten it)
hey! been away a while i will seek a picture of my cover but i had mine made int he uk but COVERCRAFT was ?325 hand made and im sorry if any body takes offence to this but i will quote from a jim carey movie (me my self and irene) the water beads off it like a black mans head.. all weather breathable fabric.

i have a weather shield cover.....

"Quote from the site"

WeatherShield fabric is manufactured exclusively for Covercraft using Nextec patented encapsulation process developed for outdoor performance wear. ??? This encapsulation process uses precision and controlled placement of proprietary polymers to make ordinary fabrics extraordinary. By placing an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibres this process created a durable breathable barrier within the fabric. Unlike traditional coatings and laminations that just protects one side of the fabric, this process places protective polymers inside the fabric! ;D :eek:

The WeatherShield features are:

Best Weather Resistance ;D
Water literally just runs off this fabric. This is so dramatic that in a recent demonstration we were asked if we were using "real water"! :p ;D :eek: (It even passed hurricane testing to level 8 on AATCC standards!)
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Picture of the cover on my Fast. as you can see .. fits like a glove
sure it wouldnt cost more than about $5 to get one printed - a nice Iron on one... ha ha that's if it sticks to the water repelling fabric! .. you dont ask for much do you?

if you look on the site you can mix the colours up i just went for Grey cause i felt it's reflect the heat more.
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