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hey, I've been trying to read up on the euroswitch because I think it would be a fun mod to start with. I went all through this forum trying to understand what exactly is needed for this mod but I still have a few questions:

Question 1: It seems like people are saying the rear fog light is already built in. Does that mean the bulb and wiring is there to do it, so all you would have to do is install the euro switch? Or must I purchase something like the R32 taillight to get the rear fog light?

Question 2: Is VagCom required for this mod? MY question here is, if I buy the R32 tailights and I buy the euroswitch and everything is wired, will the rear fog light then work? Or must the setting be activated with the vagcom before the rear fog light will come on?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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