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Hey guys,

The 3rd graphic in the Akaliko Skateboards Car series is none other than the legendary MkII GTI.

These boards really came out beautiful and look almost too nice to do anything but hang on the wall, but I bet some of you will actually take them to the streets. Either way they are a must have for any GTI / Skate fan.

There were only 40 of these made in a limited edition run, and once they are gone they will be gone for good. Akaliko Skateboards is a San Francisco CA company, and everything is hand made in California, on 100% Canadian Maple 7 ply wood. Size is 8"x32" with nice concave and good pop. The graphics are a full color heat transfer screened on the deck. These aren't just chinese blanks with a sticker on them, they are made in a factory that presses boards for a lot of CA companies.

Price is $50 a deck, I can grip them for you for $10, and shipping is only $10 to anywhere in the US. I have and will ship internationally, but hit me up offline to calculate pricing. You can email me and I will send a paypal invoice, or you can order directly from the website. (or free pickup in Bay Area, CA)

Hope you like em!

questions email to [email protected]
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