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mein neues schnelles

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pictures here:

'07, UNITED Gray, Interlagos, 5-door, Package 1 + DVD Nav, DSG, 18" huf

Not sure what I want to do with it yet. Thinking about some aesthetic mods, but I am pretty much a newb. Not wanting to chip or lower (as to not void warranty). Looking to this board for some ideas.

btw, is there any lowering/chipping that can be done that won't void warranty?

I am digging the smoked taillight/side signal/mirror signal look. But tinting is not really an option in PA (most I can do is 70%, which is not really even worth it).
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Whiterabbitmk5 said:
very nice bro , in pa you can have 20% on the front and anything you want on the back/rear windows. rule of thumb in pa is that a officer/trooper should be able to see inside the vehicle while driving by.
yeah, I read into this a little more and the law seems a bit vague. I had read and been told 70%, but apparently that is not the case. PA is semi-retarded about things like this....

neuspeeds installed through dealer won't void warranty eh? I know there is already topics for this, but anyone have a typical cost (labor+parts) for this? I was estimating around 500 altogether? Also, would putting in the sport springs have any consquences in a particularly snowy winter?

The tinted headlight look was kind of interesting. GTfly, has that affected visibility of your headlights?
actually, here's a good read on PA window tinting. If someone told you 20%, they may have been wrong...
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