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Looking for an old vw GTI commercial-favorite car of German stunt car drivers

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Has anyone seen or know where I can get a copy of a 1990's GTI commercial. The tag line was, "favorite car of German stunt car drivers" Volkswagan GTI. The year was 1990-91, I believe, when everything was Fahrvergnugen! I remember the commercial so well, it was around the same time I bought my 90 wolf ed GTI. The reason I'm looking for it is I've just recently given my GTI to my son. He's heard about this commercial from me for years and I want him to see it. At just over 240,000 mile, only stored for 5 years, the car run great. Everyday I watch him take off to school and think back on how much fun that car really was. Getting him out of his car seat in the back was a chore but other wise best car I could have ever purchased at that time. I will own one again.
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The only thing I could find was this:

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