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Links to competing forums

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:-\ I was alerted by email tonight about a member spamming links to a competing site. Sure enough, nearly 1/3 of their posts had links to another site. As I checked for other occurances of the site name, it came to light that they had several people spamming their links. Seems they have been doing this on many of the gti and vw forums and is why they have several thousand members since they started at the first of the year.

Normally, I have no problem with anyone posting links to other sites, but it has become a problem. I'm not going to post the site's name, or the poster's but competing links will be deleted from now on. I'm really sorry it had to come to this.

The email I received was actually from another GTI site. They said they were losing members to spammed links from this site also. After browsing through their members, I did a comparision to our members who asked for deletion. 90% went there after following the spammed links according to our logs and used the same user name. Grant it, the other site is a nice site because they have many sponsors, and they can use that money to promote the site. I have actually turned down sponsors on MFG so we wouldn't be under so many rules of what we can and cannot post.

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Spamming a board involves making dozens of pointless posts that either promote something or are just there to waste space. In this case, it was the former.
Thalo said:
I don't remember any spamming. Only saw 1 link to a competing board and it was the Golf Mark 5 forum (won't post URL, don't want to get in trouble) and it was relevant, as they had some cool pics there.
That's not spamming. It's not illegal to post a link to another site, it's illegal to post a link to another site A HUNDRED TIMES!

GranTurismoInjection said:
I remember one post had a bunch of random ass chinese letters for links. It sucked bigtime.
Maybe it was a link to a chinese site? Or it could have been that your browser had trouble translating whatever programming language that link was posted in.
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