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I recently bought a 2001 VR6. I believe everything in the car is stock. I've figured out all the dash controls except the headlight controls.

The left hand stalk has headlamp icons; I understand that pushing and pulling fore and aft works dip/main and flash, I do not understand what effect moving the on/off slider has. Please explain.

There's also a lighting switch on the left side of the dash. I think this is for parking lights (1st position to the right and headlights (manual control, 2nd position to the right). It has to be pulled and turned. Currently my headlights come on automatically anyway. On the same dial there's an icon for fog lights but the dial does not turn that way.

How do I get the fog lights on? How do I get the parking lights on? The first answer is vital, it gets real foggy here, the second is just out of curiosity.
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