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License plate bracket

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My dealer forgot to install the license plate bracket. They poked two holes under the license plate light to install the temporary plate. ::)

I found the bracket lying in the cargo compartment with all the hardware. Could someone please post a pix of a properly installed bracket. I know this is simple stuff, but it's a new toy and i don't want to mess it up. It's my first VW (or German car for that matter).

Thanks a bunch!
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I just got a chrome LP frame and installed it... sorta. My original plastic frame from the dealer where I bought the GTI was only attached with two screws (and thus only 2 screw holes in rear bumper) and it worked so far for 3.5 years. So I only used two screws on the top of the plate, do you guys think this'll do? Anyone with any experience of having only used two screws to screw in their LP frame and having it come loose? I'd like to avoid making more holes in my bumper if I could, cause I'll probably mess it up.
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