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Hey guys:

Anyone install LED turn signals? Just wondering if they make them these days so they don't blink fast like they used to? That fast blinking is not really my style.

I installed some red LEDs for my brake lamps recently and they're pretty nice--they come on instantly and more brightly than before, so they'll get peoples' attention behind me a little better. I'd like to do the same with my front turn signals located in the headlamp housing (they're 7440 size). The kid that owned the car before me did a lot of stupid stuff to it, and one of those things in my opinion (no offense if you like this style) was to put white bulbs in there. How the heck is an oncoming car going to see my little white turn signal at night when it's right next to my headlight? It seems to me it would be the most visible if it's a different color, very bright, and instant-on. But there's not a lot of room up there and I don't want to install LEDs if I have to buy separate "equalizers".

Let me know if you've done this to your car and how they blink. :)
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