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Just lowered, need help?

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Hey, just thought I'd share with you guys that I just lowered my fast with Neuspeed sport springs.

Most importantly, I'd like to point out a few tips while changing the springs.

First off:

THe rears are easy, real easy. Only takes about 10 minutes to do both sides (excluding lifting the vehicle up). On a lift you only have to remove the outer 18mm nut and bolt on the control arm. Make sure you have a deadman under the control arm before removing the bolt. Simply lower the deadman, remove factory spring, insert new spring and jack deadman to original position. Retorque 18mm nut and your finished.

Fronts are a little trickier. First off remove the wheels. Next place the wipers in service mode, remove the 2 13mm nuts on the wipers, remove wipers carefully, remove the cowl (careful not to snap the cowl) then remove the top 3 13mm strut top bolts.

Lift the vehicle to chest height and remove the 3 16mm nuts from the bottom of the steering knuckle. Remove the 18mm nut on the top of the knuckle holding the bottom of the stut, you'll need a speciallty spline socket (sorry but I forget how many mm it was, I think it was 9mm or so but I don't remember) and remove the 10mm nut attached to the bottom of the level sensor rod. Before removing the strut, mark the original position of the strut top mount with some touch up paint. Spray the strut with rust penetrator or lubricant, pull the lower control arm down and shimmy the strut up. Fiddle around with it until the strut pops out of the knuckle.

Use a spring compressor on the spring and compress it enough where the strut is free, then remove the 21mm nut on the top of the shock. Remove the boot and strut top mount, place new spring on shock and install boot and strut top mount. You won't need a spring compressor, just have a buddy push down on the spring and torque down the top 21mm nut.

Reinstall in reverse order and make sure to retorque all nuts and bolts carefully.

Now enjoy a tighter ride and more appealing look.

Hope this is a helpful!!
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Does anyone have a 07 gti lowered and if so how does it handel in the snow and rain and all the weathers

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