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i have the H&R cup kit on my GTI and it is great. i drive 100 miles round trip to work and though it is a bit stiffer on the freeway going 80mph, for city driving it almost feels like stock, even with a 2.2" drop in front and a 1.6" drop in the rear. i had a friend who is a tech at my VW dealership help me install the kit and all of the sales guys kept coming into his bay asking when we'd be done. supposedly i was the first mkV they had there that had been dropped.

the H&R cup kit is a matched set of progressive springs and stiffer struts that were designed to work together. honestly, given my shoice of any kind of suspension, the only two companies i would ever go with are bilstien (i was looking at the PSS9s when i was in the market for coilovers before i decided to go with a cup kit) and H&R.

i'll post pics in a day or so...
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