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Just came from dealer...

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...I got my first service done. here are some fyi notes:

- creamy white film under the oil cap is condensation, not supposed to be there but it's "not unusual."

- my steering wheel has been pointing to the left ever since i got the car (about 20 degrees+/-). they scheduled me for a free alignment in a week. an alignment past 6mo./6000 miles is not covered by VW.

- they fixed the rattle in the center air vent on top of the dash. took a while. it's a technical service bulletin.

- i talked to the guy about the launch control tsb. he asked me what the problem was and why i wanted it. i said i want to rev up at the line with the brake suppressed. so he told me to get the number for the tsb because he didn't know about it. i don't even know if i should worry about this or not. opinions?

- oil change cost $54.95. i think it's reasonable, especially after seeing some prices on here. anybody have it cheaper?

- it took 3 hours but they washed my car afterwards :)
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never hear about that my dealer charged me 75 for oil change an no car wash
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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