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hatch doesnt work -_______________________-
driver door doesnt lock
passenger door's lock's guts came out.. like the thing that the key goes in.

i have the code for the anti theft radio but it wont unlock.
and the e brake wire is either snapped... or even worse maybe the ebrake was grinding and they snapped it on purpose.

when the brakes are engaged the right signal doesnt flash.
and today i heard the brakes making a deep noise. so i think i should check the brake fluids. or get a flush done of the brake fluid?

im gunna need a new motor for the sunroof.
friday i had a fun experience in the carwash. as it was going water started seepin in the passenger side then i heard sloshing around as i was driving... but when i got home i was able to look it up and found that there was **** clogging my water tray... so hopefully that wont happen again.

but yeah if anyone has some tips or advice for any of these problems id appreciate it so much.[drive]
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