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Not specifically where you work, but the kind of work you do.

For example, I am currently in IT. I deal with the infrastructure aspect of networks. But I am going to school for video game art and design.

Now you try.
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Me and a friend of mine own and operate a Karate Studio..... And I too also

>:D LOVE MY GTI!!!!!! >:D
I design planes.
(Well the wings anyways)
I'm In-House Counsel at an ad agency.  I got too tired of seeing the whole firm lawyer starter kit: BMW 3-series, teacher wife, and a Rolex Submariner.
i manage a datacenter for a software company, i was a developer there, but got a promotion a few years ago...i should have stayed a developer
GTI2007 said:
Unemployed and looking for a job :'(
Have hope. I was unemployed for 6 months and only recently found the job I wanted.
intrikit said:
U.S. Army here! >:D
Heard it was 110 in Phoenix during the Mavs game the other night. Sorry about your AZ station. What's your MOS?
intrikit said:
U.S. Army here! >:D
Heh, sucker.
I work in a bakery, im only 17 so its not a bad at all first job. Not sure about a career yet, but whatever it is, I want to conduct business internationally making 8 figures a year. I set my standards for myself pretty high. Probably going to do a double major in college, international business management and finance, hopefully doing a study abroad program in Italy maybe Germany. I've got one year left to decide.
Just got done doing a four year stint in the U.S. Navy. Was supposed to be in for six but they told me that I have a "personality disorder". I guess telling my Captain to fword off was a bad idea. Made E-5 in 3 and 1/2 years which wasn't too bad. Was a nuclear trained electronics technician. I still would never acknowledge a claim that we in the military have relatively high paychecks. Been on "unenjoyment" for the past month but just got offered into a water treatment company on the ups financially speaking. Start in a few weeks.
Grocery store checker...

I'm only 16... so it gets me by.
Man, this is a crazy diverse group. Pretty cool, brought together by the GTI. I bet VW could make a commercial just from the responses on this forum...

Software developer in test, here.
I'd agree to that.

We're different, but we all have one common good taste.
Old thread, but new to me. 7 years in the Navy now. Sonar Technician Submarines. Done everything from flying ROVs to currently in LAN Administration. It pays the bills. Sorta
IT pro at a commerical real estate company. i do everything from replacing system boards to troubleshooting mainframe issues. Its a load, but I enjoy it.
Loan officer... anybody need a mortgage in Fl?? ;D
21 - 40 of 152 Posts
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