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Not specifically where you work, but the kind of work you do.

For example, I am currently in IT. I deal with the infrastructure aspect of networks. But I am going to school for video game art and design.

Now you try.
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DrJones said:
Holy crap.

I'm way out classed here.
Me too. I'm just a lowly peon VW salesman during the day and Web Designer/Graphic artist/Programmer/Marketing director/News director/Exhausted at night. ;D

I have over 20 other sites that I operate. My day job now, gives me access to my sites and sorta pays the bills. I've had a love for Vdubs since I was about 5 yrs old.
My brother had started racing cars and I requisitioned his first trophy. I was hooked on racing. One day at the sale barn(where you buy and sell cattle) my dad told me he knew a famous race car driver that had won Lemans, he introduced me and told this man about how I wanted to be a race car driver. The man bought me a hamburger and afterwards brought me for a ride in his sports car (I can still hear the sound of it shifting through the gears). Everytime I would see the man at the auction, he would buy me a hamburger, he was the nicest guy. This just enhanced my love of cars. When I was still about 5, my dad towed in an old beetle that someone gave him as payment for a calf he sold. Before he made it home the bug died and wouldn't start. He told me, "If you can get it running, you can have it". I played in that bug for the next few years until I was about 8. driving in the Indy 500 in my daydreams and accepting my prize in the winners circle,(my brother's trophy he had won racing). One day, my uncle J.R. came to visit and he helped me get it running. Of course my dad lived up to his promise and brought it to one of our pastures. I drove that beetle all over that pasture until one day a bull thought it was a good looking cow and destroyed it. I was then given the "hoopy" an old purple datsun pickup. Driving a purple datsun even deepened my love for my vw. By the way, the nice man that bought me the hamburgers? Was Carroll Shelby.
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