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Hey just figured I would add to the list of build threads on here. I have a 2003 VW GTI MKIV 1.8T with around 90k miles. I am going for an all black with subtle red look, I don't want the car to look like a ricer though. I will attach some before and after pictures of some of the stuff I have done myself (from iPhone 4 sorry about the quality).

Please let me know what you think, opinions are more than welcome with all the knowledge of dubs on this site.

- New black and red leather stitched GTI shifter boot
- New black and red leather stitched e-brake
- New OEM replacement shift knob
- Sanded and repainted the side panels on the doors (had sun damage)
- New center console (broken)

- Black/red front VW emblem
- Black/red back VW emblem
- Blacked out w/ Plastidip the "GTI" and "1.8T" emblems
- Smoked/blacked out taillights
- Blacked out side markers/turn signal/ stubby antenna
- Full 15% tint on all windows
- Plastidipped the stock longbeach rims (for now until I save for better ones)
- Replaced wheel caps on all tires (they were stolen off the car when I bought them)
- Red break calipers/lugs
- Aftermarket black halogen "angel eye" headlights

This week installments
- 42dd downpipe
- Magnaflow 200 cell high flow cat
- Unitronic stage 2 chip

Stock car vs Current
Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Back Stock vs Plastidipped emblems (before tail lights were smoked out)
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting White

Stock Shifter Boot/Knob vs Current
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Stock Headlight vs Current
Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Vehicle


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Thanks a lot . I don't like the stock suspension look at all, lowering it is going to be my next investment! Any suggestions on a reasonably priced set of springs or coilovers?
I've only ridden around on my Racelands and stock so I don't really know much about others. I do know that $400 coilovers feel like $400 coilovers. But, I expected it when I bought them and I still like them. But if you're going to autocross or you want a better ride, there are tons of higher priced, better quality options.
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