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mightytightywhitey said:
Man I wish they had a Jack-in-the-Box in my town. I like that place. Them and White Castle rule. Oh and In-n-Out Burger, they need one of those on every block in every town in America.
Sometimes Kansas sucks.

(BTW any of youz guyz make any Wizard of Oz jokes and I'll reach through the computer and kick you square in the nuts. Anytime I leave this state and talk to people that's all they want to make jokes about)
My congrats first to Thalo for the "Jack" award.

Now about White Castle and their little steamy burgers. Those things go through you quicker than water flowing through New Orleans. It is only ok to eat those on one occasion a year just to clean the system. My buddies and I still recall a time when a crave case was picked up on a road trip.

Oh and I won't knock Kansas. I used to live in Johnson Co. for five years...I missed the place. Actually just passed a hottie last night with KS plates.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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