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Well I got my stereo software upgraded, so that annoying clipping is gone. I had them tack on an Ipod adapter when I purchased my car and they installed that yesterday as well. What HUGE disappointment!!! First off, despite the Mp3 features the stereo has, everything from the ipod is still displayed as merely Track -XX. There's no reason an Mp3 Cd should be able to display the current song artist and title and the ipod shouldn't. Second, and the biggest rip-off of all, is the lack any means to Navigate the ipod. The 1-5 buttons on the front of the unit are reserved for the first 5 playlists on the ipod. Button 6 is used for The ENTIRE Library. So that's f-ing great. I have Ani Difranco, Bad Religion, Bloc Party, The Bravery, and Bowie at my fingertips. (First 5 playlist on my Ipod, remember!) But if I want to listen to anything past that, I have to manually hit the next track button while on cd 6. So with the 18 gig of music I have on my ipod, i'll have to hit the skip button about 3,000 time to listen to something at the end of my library, like Tool or U2. I feel a little ripped off and think my money would have been way better spent on an aftermarket head unit with some serious ipod functionality :mad:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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