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Welp. I guess not new, but returning. (Cant remember my old account info) I used to be on here quite often while I was in college. During that time I drove a 02 reflex silver gti. I had that for a out 4 or 5 years and did a full turbo back exhaust eurocustoms reflash, turbo inlet pipe coilovers, stripped it out, etc. Loved that thing to death and was super fun in the mountains.
I eventually met a friend who had a 95 cabrio that I fell in love with. We ended up pulling my 1.8t from the gti and swapping it into the cabrio.
The cabrio has euro tdi aport cloths, voted wood trim, dimple dash, koni coilovers, full turbo back etc. I actually just had it shipped to me from my home to my current duty station.
While at tech school I bought a 2008 r32 and did air lift v2, unitronic reflash for ecu and dsg, bfi motor mounts, small interior stuff like the urotuning shift knob etc.
Once I arrived in california at my duty station I happened to be searching the classifieds and found an 83 gti. Because I'm a Maryland resident I can register my cars there still and not out here. The guy selling it was having trouble because it has a 16v swap that's not barred and most people here dont want to deal with it. So I ended up getting it for 500 bucks!
Once in my hands I got it back on the road using the cis jetronic, then recently swapped to cbr900rr carbs and got techtonics 254 cams. It's also on coilovers, has front and rear chassis braces and hd motor mounts. I LOVE THIS CAR. It's been a dream car of mine for a long time. Excited to be back on the forum!
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