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I pay my auto insurance semi-annually, and it went from ~ $1300/yr on a lease that required additional coverage to my current quote of ~ $1800/yr on straight-up financing. I called State Farm to ask what the hell happened, and my rep told me since the GTI is so rare, collision coverage went through the roof. I think that portion of the coverage alone is like $900/yr.

Did anyone else get insurance sticker shock? Perhaps list your (1) carrier; (2) yearly payment; and (3) whether there is something else in the equation that caused the spike (e.g. multiple collisions in the last couple of years).
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Re: GTI Insurance

I'm definitely going to have to check out carriers like Geico and Progressive. My 6-month payment is due at the end of July, so I've got a little time to shop around. I just can't believe 2k/yr for a 29 year old driver with no accidents in over 5 years.
Re: GTI Insurance

LuciferRex said:
Check with State Farm...I can't find anyone cheaper
State Farm is the one who is raping me. I have heard they are on the expensive side, but :eek:
Re: GTI Insurance

Are you guys getting quotes for the minimum required insurance, or are you getting "normal" coverage?

Geico gave me this:

Bodily Injury Liability - 25k/50k - $88.70
Property Damage Liability - 20k - $128.60
Medical Payments - NO
Personal Injury Protection - NO
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury - 25k/50k - $18.60
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage - 20k/250 deductible - $10.90
Comprehensive - NO
Collision - 500 deductible - $536.80
Emergency Road Service - NO
Rental Reimbursement - NO
Mechanical Breakdown Ins. - NO

This results in a 6 month payment of $784.10 Not ideal, but workable.
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Re: GTI Insurance

I called State Farm to try to play with the numbers on my current policy, and the only way I could get it to $1330/yr was by raising my deductible to $1000. That keeps my bodily injury coverage at 100/300 though. I didn't want to reduce that. There simply isn't a way to get around the collision amount. I got a 15% collision increase for damage I had to claim when I clipped a steel pole on the way out of my parking garage. The only way to negate that is to take some bullshit defensive driving course. Now I just have to pray (a) more GTI's are sold so hopefully collision gets cheaper, and (b) I don't have to eat $1k in the next three years while the 15% hike remains on the collision.
Re: GTI Insurance

I wasn't clear enough. The 15% hit lasts for three years. The 15% reduction from def driving lasts three years. So it just cancels out. Then, to realize a net gain, you take def driving again. You can do it every three years. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be - I googled "defensive driving texas" and found an online course for $25 that you can pause and continue anytime you want for up to 6 months before having 3 chances to take the online test.
Re: GTI Insurance

In the Republic of Texas, you can take def driving once per year for deferred adjudication on a traffic violation, after the completion of which the violation is off your record. At no point is the violation reported to your insurance company, because since it's deferred, there is no judgment against you.
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