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installling boost guage!

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Hey im new to this forum and im trying to install a boost guage and if you could tell me where to run the vacume/wirering to T into that would be great thanks

03 gti 1.8t
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I mounted mine on the column, and ran the wires to the fuse box on the drivers side interior dash. use a multi meter to find a blank fuse holder with constant 12 volt (with the key out of the ignition), then hook into that useing a fuse with a wire coming out of it(buy them at any autoparts store) do the same thing for the acc 12 volt line with another fuse blank.

Note you will need 2 fuse with wire extentions. 1 large, and 1 small.

this is what the head technician at my dealership told me to do to keep from voiding the electrical warranty, since you are not hooking into any existing systems.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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